SRTR OPO Yield Model Documentation

During each semi-annual release of the organ procurement organization (OPO)-specific reports, SRTR assesses the performance of each OPO with regard to organ yield. These metrics are currently reported in Table C3 and Figure C8 of the OPO-specific reports. When assessing organ yield, SRTR compares the number of organs transplanted to the number of organs expected to be transplanted based on national experience. The expected number of organs transplanted is estimated using the risk adjustment models detailed here. These models take into account many characteristics of the donor that may affect the likelihood of the organ being transplanted. The tool shows the models for the two most recent versions of the reports. Separate models are used for each organ type. The tool describes the elements used in each model ("Yield Predictors" tab), the logistic regression model itself ("Model Coefficients" tab), and visualizations of the odds ratios associated with each level of each element ("Model Element Plots" tab). The odds ratios demonstrate the relationship of each item to the overall odds that the organ will be transplanted. An odds ratio higher than 1 indicates higher likelihood that the organ will be transplanted, and an odds ratio lower than 1 indicates a lower likelihood, both relative to a specified reference level as indicated on each plot. For more information, please contact us at
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